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Which isn't to say you won't have moments of uncertainty but you won't be distracted.

Your social life will be special with invitations to flashy occasions where you'll put on quite a performance and charm all the right people. Good news on the cash front will keep you smiling mid month; though you will have to push hard behind the scenes to get the agreements you want with close partners.

aries weekly horoscope 13rd may 2018

The Capricorn Solar Eclipse on the 26th is a time to make your mark, get your talents out on display and insist you are getting the attention you deserve. You'll be pushing extra hard as the New Year opens, determined to make your mark and to get your talents recognised.

There'll be obstacles to overcome, requiring self-discipline and perseverance. Letting self-doubt slow you down won't be helpful and luckily Jupiter in Sagittarius will keep your enthusiasm from flagging.

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And what will give your efforts an additional nudge is your feeling that it's now or never for success. That isn't true but the motivation will help you to make progress in sticky times. The early Lunar Eclipse will also nudge you to remember that fun and friends are important as well as achieving your goals. Your fiery go-ahead, act-first and think-second approach won't always be ideal so you'll need to pace yourself and take your responsibilities seriously. That way you'll gain the respect of those whose judgement you trust.

Your financial situation will be changing with some ups and downs but that's not necessarily a disaster, since there'll be luck as well as extra outgoings at times.

You just need to budget well and save when there's surplus. From mid year you'll slow down and put home and family matters up as your priority. Changes will be on your mind both literally in terms of reorganisation and also as you contemplate what emotional adjustments are needed for peace, harmony and satisfaction ahead. Speak frankly and tactfully and listen carefully and you'll reach agreements which are fair to all. Distractions at work and from your community activities will get in the way so listening to your heart, not your head will be important. August will be a social feast with fun, romance and enjoyment on offer as loved ones rally round to shower you with attention.

Close relationships will hit a strained phase in October and November which can be overcome if you bite your tongue and say less. A confident, lucky and successful few months kicks off in December to allow you to sweep away any lurking concerns. Different Sign Birthday Horoscope.


Brexit! True Predictions, New Predictions | Jessica Adams

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday November 12th Try to be flexible now if you are trying to reach better understandings with close partners either over a highly personal matter or over money. The Weekly Outlook from 11th November You know you are not going to be happy or emotionally secure, until you get your finances in ship shape order.

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Astroinform with Marjorie Orr – Star4cast

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Be ready to walk away from dead-end relationships and situations. Purifying, cleansing, refining, and reducing to simplest essence.

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