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Though two Virgos are sensual in each other's arms; they are alike in that they and are not spontaneous or adventurous lovers.

Their time for sexual intimacy will be penciled in, planned, and routine. There will be few surprises. While this might seem a bit weird and choreographed to some, a Virgo couple likes it this way. When two same sun sign individuals are together for a while and the bloom of new love fades, it can actually be the ways in which they so much alike that will cause problems in their relationship. As cool, calm, and quiet as a Virgo might seem they do have a darker side.

Virgo compatibility

When a one Virgo is worried, anxious, critical, fussy, or starts complaining, which they are prone to do, they can feed their Virgo partner's worries and anxieties, and squabbles begin over the smallest of things. When a Virgo forms a relationship with another Virgo, they no longer feel the urge or motivation to go out and socialize. This can place them in an isolated bubble, where they rarely if ever go out and see their friends. It's important for them to remember to pencil in time to experience new things and take part in activities that they once treasure, both independently and as a couple.

Virgos tend to sweep conflict under the rug and shy away from disagreements. Instead, they bottle up their feelings until they eventually explode. The reasoning and analytical abilities of two Virgos working together can usually fix any problems and issues that arise. This pairing can certainly make for a healthy relationship if both are willing to communicate and work through their relationship challenges and struggles.

Virgo: Dates, Traits, & More |

Every Virgo is a different person based on the time, date and place of their births. They like to be taken care of, and luckily, Virgos like to take care of others.

Cancers and Virgos both want to be wanted and needed to be needed. I mean, how much more in sync could you be?

Yes, There’s A Formula To Finding Your Sign’s Perfect Match

Pisces and Virgos are very passionate lovers and they have so much love inside of them. They just go about it less or more obviously.

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Depending on their moon signs, they handle love and expressing feelings very differently. Nonetheless, it works for them. Trust me when I say someone who makes you question if you are worthy of being loved is not worthy of being loved by you.

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