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  1. The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise
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  4. တစ်ဦးခြေထောက်စောင့်ဆိုင်း - ငါ၏အသခွားသီးအတွက် Wat Phra Kaew ။

But I will grant you three wonderfully wise wishes if you perform three tasks for me.

The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise

The third task is that you must bamboozle God into allowing you to shave his bushy beard. But in alignment with possibilities hinted at by current astrological omens, I recommend that you redirect this inclination so it serves you better. Another way would be to assemble a batch of blessings to bestow on people and animals who provide you with support.

LEO July Aug.

Every 24 hours, she bathed her brood in the lake and placed them in a giant mulberry tree. From there, one sun glided out into the sky to begin the day while the other nine remained behind. It was a good arrangement.

Weekly Horoscopes

The week had 10 days back then, and each sun got its turn to shine. But the siblings eventually grew restless with the staid rhythm.

On one fateful morning, with a playful flourish, they all soared into the heavens at once. It was fun for them, but the earth grew so hot that nothing would grow. To the rescue came the archer Hou Yi.

LIBRA: The Unexpected . . . - October 2019

With his flawless aim, he used his arrows to shoot down nine of the suns, leaving one to provide just the right amount of light and warmth. You have been waiting and waiting to understand a project that you set in motion many moons ago.

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It has been frustrating to give so much energy to a goal that has sometimes confused you. And so at last you will understand it. In fact, I suspect it will have the potential of inspiring good ideas about love, career, money or power.

I think the coming weeks will be a great time for you, too, to reprise a splashy event or two from the past. We praise your tireless efforts to make life less chaotic and more coherent for everyone around you. As the week moves along, it's going to be harder to come up with consensus on things.


People are going to tend to be more resistant, and they might be harder to communicate with in general. This can compel people to do things on their own, but that won't always go well either - it's the moment that you take the initiative that others will tend to come out of hiding and pipe up that you can't do what you're planning.

While communication can be rough today, it's still the key to everything. You're probably not going to have the luxury of communicating about important matters from a comfort zone; there can be elements of doubt or tension there.

တစ်ဦးခြေထောက်စောင့်ဆိုင်း - ငါ၏အသခွားသီးအတွက် Wat Phra Kaew ။

That doesn't mean you shouldn't get your point across. Ultimately, the universe is relying on people to get on the same page in order for things to go well. If you try to stay safe on the outskirts, you're probably going to end up in some chaotic situations. Choudhry Click here for your free weekly horoscopes at YourNetAstrologer.