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Anand were the film's art director and cinematographer respectively. The film revolves around a well-established software systems architect, Sivaji, who returns home to India after finishing work in the United States. On his return, he dreams of giving back to society with free medical treatment and education. However his plans face a roadblock in the form of the influential businessman, Adiseshan. When corruption also arises, Sivaji is left with no option but to fight the system in his own way.

The film was released worldwide on 15 June in Tamil, and subsequently released in Telugu as a dubbed version on the same date. The film was also dubbed in Hin. For the American astrologer, see Jeane Dixon. Jean Dixon born Jean Jacques,[2] July 14, [1] or sources differ — February 12, [1] was an American stage and film actress. Early years Dixon was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. Her education came at St.

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Margaret's School in Waterbury and in France. While there, she studied dramatics under Sarah Bernhardt. She con. William Henry Harrison, nicknamed Old Tippecanoe, died just a month after taking office in The Curse of Tippecanoe also known as Tecumseh's Curse or the 20 Year Presidential Curse is the alleged pattern of deaths in office of Presidents of the United States elected in years that are equally divisible by 20, from William Henry Harrison elected in through John F.

Kennedy elected in Ronald Reagan was elected in and was wounded by gunshot, but he survived. George W. Bush survived his terms in office, despite an assassination attempt. The Curse William Henry Harrison was elected president in , but he died in , just a month after being sworn in. Ripley's Believe It or Not!

They termed it the "Curse of Tippecanoe". The name is derived from the Battle of Tippecanoe in , when Harrison negotiated the Treaty of Fort Wayne, in which. Mammootty plays twins Achu and Appu in the film. The film was a success at the box office. Appu is a talkative conman who always finds himself in trouble. While Achu, a mute, is nicer than his brother, he draws a dagger on Appu due to misunderstandings created by the villain Govindan Siddique , who is masquerading as his friend. Their father Ravunni Janardhanan , a ballet artist, separates them due to sibling rivalry, and Appu is sent to live with relatives in Pollachi.

But soon major misunderstandings created by their enemies crop up and the brothers are baying for each other's blood. Just before the climax, they come to the realization that others were behind their enmity, so. Basant Bahar lit. Beautiful Spring , directed by Raja Nawathe,[1] is a Indian film. This musical[2] had nine outstanding songs, with lyrics written by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri; and music composition by Shankar-Jaikishan.

Hamsa means swan and Geethe means song. It is believed that before a swan dies,it will sing without opening its mouth. That mutter of melody is believed to be unmatched since any scene of lyricism falls short of its reach.

அஷ்வத் ஷங்கர் - Ashvath Shanker - Vendhar TV Episode 23 Feb 2019

His father, Narsin Joshi Om Prakash , the royal astrologer, comes and scolds him for singing and says he should become an astrologer. On the other hand, in his neighbourhood, his neighbour Malaya, the son of the royal musician is scolded by his father for being lesser than Gopal in singing. He is preparing him for a music competition, the winner of which will become the royal musician. At the same time, Gopal. An astrological age is a time period in astrologic theology which astrologers claim parallels major changes in the development of Earth's inhabitants, particularly relating to culture, society, and politics.

There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology. Advocates believe that when one cycle of the twelve astrological ages is completed, another cycle of twelve ages begins. There are three broad perspectives on the astrological ages: Archeoastronomers are in. It stars N.

Rama Rao, Gummadi in the lead roles and music composed by T. Paramesam NTR , the manager, through his cunning ways, helps Lokanatham make big money at the expense of the workers. There is an accident in the mill in which a worker, Ramudu Maddali Krishnamurthy dies. To avoid paying compensation, Lokanatham and Paramesam throw the body from a hillock.

Kamala and her children. His health deteriorates and the doctor Dr. Sivaramakrishnaiah advises rest. He says that Paramesam may not survive more than a month. Confirming this, an astrologer advises him t. Mappillai English: Son-in-law is a Indian Tamil action comedy film directed by Suraj, starring Dhanush as the son-in-law and Manisha Koirala as the mother-in-law with Hansika Motwani, in her Tamil debut, playing her daughter.

Distributed by Sun Pictures, it was released on 8 April The film received mixed reviews, but was declared a hit at the box office. Plot Saravanan Dhanush is a do-gooder who is soft-spoken and admired by one and all. The two of them come across Gayathri Hansika Motwani , the daughter of an arrogant businesswoman named Rajeshwari Manisha Koirala. Chinna falls for Gayathri, so he tries several plans to get close to her, but in vain. Gayathri falls for Saravanan after he saves her from an accident. Coming to k.

Tenali Raman is a Indian Tamil-language historical drama film produced and directed by B. Ranga based on Ch. Venkataramaiah's stage play Tenali Ramakrishna. Rama Rao, Chittor V. Nagaiah, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna and Jamuna in key roles. Ranga also handled the cinematography while P. Mohan edited the film. Viswanathan—Ramamoorthy composed the soundtrack and background score. Tenali Raman narrates the story of the 14th century poet and scholar of the same name, and his life as a member of the court of Krishnadevaraya, the king of Vijayanagara Empire.

Raman, with his wits, manages to save Krishnadevaraya from the attacks made by the Bahmani Sultanate who try to invade Vijayanagara Empire. The rest of the film is about Raman's efforts in saving Krishnadevaraya from courtesan Krishnasani, a spy and convincing emperor Babur against extending support to the Sultanate in the war. Produced as a trilingual film shot simultaneous. Woodley plays Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old cancer patient who is forced by her parents to attend a support group, where she meets and subsequently falls in love with Augustus Waters, another cancer patient, played by Elgort.

Development of The Fault in Our Stars began in January when Fox , a division of 20th Century Fox, optioned the rights to adapt the novel into a feature film. Principal photography began on August 26, , in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a few additional days in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, before concluding on October 16, Pittsburgh doubled for all of the scenes set in Indianapolis, Indiana, the novel's setting, as well as for some interior scenes set in Amsterdam. The Fault in Our Sta. After his beginnings as a struggling actor for a number of years upon arriving to New York City in and later Hollywood in , he won his first critical acclaim as an actor for his co-starring role as Stanley Rosiello in The Lords of Flatbush.

In the films, Rocky is portrayed as an underdog fighter that does battle with numerous brutal opponents, and wins the world heavyweight championship twice. The last two entries in the series are Creed and Creed 2, that serve as spin-off films focusing on Adonis Creed, the son of the ill-fated boxer Apollo.

Bhookailas is a Telugu film directed by Siva Nageswara Rao. The film stars Venu Madhav, Gowri Munjal. It is based on the real estate boom of Hyderabad.

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Sriram as M. Keeravani Song No.

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It premiered on 16 May in Mumbai. He decides to go to a place where he is not known to the police. He makes Jamalpur in Uttar Pradesh his new home. Here's where he meets and falls in love with Roma Khurana, the sister of a corrupt superintendent of police. This is also where he witnesses a murder committed in broad daylight by the region's Raja Gajraj Singh.

Now Kishan must decide to be a wit. Premi Viswanath born 2 December is an Indian television actress from Kerala. Personal life Premi was born to Mr. Viswanath and Mrs. Kanchana Viswanath. Wife of Dr. T S Vineeth Bhatt. Best Astrologer Of the world Vineeth Bhatt, commonly known as Thirumeni among his disciples and fans is one of the most revered astrologers and tantric in India. She has one elder brother, Siva Prasad. Currently Premi lives with her parents and brother in Ernakulam. Her brother is a talented photographer and owns two studios in Ernakulam.

Premi Vishwanath is also interested in photography like her brother. She was working for a private firm in Ernakulam before coming into the world of screens. She is well known for the portrayal of Karthu in Karuttamuthu Serial in Asianet. Acting career. Pottu also known as Bindi English: Vermillion is a Indian Tamil horror comedy film written and directed by Vadivudaiyan.

The film features Bharath in the lead role, while Iniya, Namitha, and Srushti Dange playing the lead actresses. Pottu is a movie, following along the lines of this producer-director combo's earlier movie Sowkarpettai Hindi dubbed version rights is owned by Dimension Pictures [4]. The film opened to negative reviews.

Arjun secures the first rank fraudulently, but Nithya, despite being a brilliant student, ends up holding the second rank. Both students join the same college, and when Arjun fails at performing well at the college, he. Ayushmann Khurrana born Nishant Khurrana on 14 September is an Indian actor, singer, and television host. Known for his portrayals of ordinary men often plagued with dysfunction,[2][3] he is the recipient of several awards, including a National Film Award and three Filmfare Awards.

Khurrana won the second season of reality television show MTV Roadies in and ventured into an anchoring career. He made his film debut in with the romantic comedy Vicky Donor, in which his performance as a sperm donor earned him the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. The film features Murali, Devayani, Vindhya and Raja in lead roles. The film, produced by Henry, had musical score by Deva and was released on 26 October Devi and Arun Raja fall in love, but Selvi Vindhya cannot reveal her love to her kindly brother. Dharma, knowing her love, accepts for the marriage, although the astrologer Charuhasan says that if his sister gets married to Arun and they had a male child, Dharma will die definitely.

A few months later, they have a male child called Vijay Master Vasanth , and Dharma's death countdown begins. Unknown to him, his elder brother Murli Manohar and his sister-in-law Maya are after his money. Their greed gets the better of them and they make an astrologer lie to him that a woman whose name starts with letter "M" will enter his life.

As luck would have it, Ram spots a dancer named Mamta and is instantly smitten by her. What Ram doesn't know is that Mamta is the daughter of Heerabai, a prostitute. Ram learns Mamta's truth but is also convinced that Mamta's roots do not make her a bad person. Ram decides to marry Mamta, much to the chagrin of Murli and Maya. Ram weds Mamta and brings her home, where she slowly realizes the true nature of Murli and Maya, upon which Mamta takes control. Jillson in Joyce Jillson December 26, — October 1, was a syndicated newspaper columnist, best-selling author, actress, and astrologer, whose column was syndicated worldwide in more than papers and magazines.

She played the lead role in the cult action spoof Superchick. She also appeared in the Columbo episode 'Any Old Port in a Storm' and also had a small role in the exploitation film Slumber Party ' Plot Panayamuttam Sura is a bar owner, who wishes to be respected and recognised beyond his liquor baron image in the society. An astrologer predicts that he will have a good future, if a woman enters his life as a 'luck amplifier.

Meanwhile, a murder takes place, which has a bearing on his past. It was released on 29 May He abandoned his new born son in the sea. The baby reaches the coast of Singhal and grows up as Mihir with miraculous astrological knowledge. He marry Khana, another talented lady poet. Now They come to India to search Mihir's parents. Retrieved 28 March Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Paul Willemen. His reputation, however, was severely tarnished after his death when he was implicated in the plot to kill Sir Thomas Overbury.

Astrologers continued to revere him, while writers from Ben Jonson to Nathaniel Hawthorne came to characterize him as either a fool or an evil magician in league with the Devil. For the next ten years of his life he was apprenticed to Matthew Commin, a local merchant. Commin traded in cloth, salt and herbal medicines, and it was during his time as a young apprentice that Forman started to learn about herbal remedies. After a. McGann and starring Anna May Wong as an astrologer who helps the police. Each of the twelve principal characters was born under a different astrological sign.

When Nita's boyfriend, importer Phillip Corey James Stephenson , scoffs at her predictions, she informs him that he himself will die within 48 hours. Corey is later found dead in his San Francisco shop, an apparent suicide. Police Inspector Jim C. Gregg Charles C. She convinces him she is innocent and, after demonstrating her astrological powers by telling both skeptical policemen about themselves based solely on their birth dates, proceeds to help them solve the case and two subsequent, related killings.

Police forensic s. Mark Sinclair[1] born July 18, ,[2] better known by his stage name Vin Diesel, is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. After featuring in the war film Saving Private Ryan , he rose to international fame with his role as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Diesel began his career in , but initially struggled to gain roles until he wrote and produced the short film Multi-Facial , which attracted the attention of director Steven Spielberg, who was developing Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg re-wrote elements of the film to allow Diesel to feature, which helped kickstart his career.

Later in his career, Diesel also gained notoriety for lending his voice to the character of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a. Chanti is a Telugu drama film,[2] produced by K. The film stars Venkatesh, Meena in the lead roles and music composed by Illayaraja. The film is remake of Tamil movie Chinna Thambi and again remade in Hindi as Anari with Venkatesh reprising his role alongside Karishma Kapoor in the pivotal roles and in Kannada movie Ramachaari.

The film recorded as a Industry Hit' at the box office. Nandini's three brothers throw a feast in honor of the girl child. The young son of the local singer who had died is brought in to sing for the event. The three brothers raise Nandini like their own child as their parents had died. At the a. Track list No. Title Lyrics Singer s Length 1. Gallagher, John A. Retrieved 12 August — via Google Books. Clark, Randall 17 December Chase, Chris. Hischak, Thomas S.

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Jayam film topic Jayam English: Victory is a Tamil romantic action drama film directed by M. Patnaik Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Film scores by R. Patnaik Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The astrologer lives with his wife, Devaki, and their son, Folders related to Ankahee film : Indian films based on plays Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films scored by Jaidev Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s Hindi-language films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. M film topic M is a American film noir directed by Joseph Losey.

Alfred, who celebrated his th birthday last month, was posted in Nagpur at the time. He was in office that fatef Chennai: Weeks after a row erupted over illegal hoardings that had earlier led to the death of a techie in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government on Tuesday October 1 sought permission from the Madras High Court to erect banners in order to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping to Chennai. The two leaders would be visiting M Chennai: At a time when child trafficking from Odisha into other states is rampant, a father from Nayagarh district made money by allegedly selling his daughters.

The incident came to the light when the two girls learnt about the deal, and escaped from their home and run into the forests of Chandradeipur, on September The man has sold his daughter Patna: This crisis highlights the pathetic condition of the commoners, helplessness of the local administration and the claims of development of the ruling NDA government, which has been in power in the state for the past 14 years. Chennai: Farmers in Tamil Nadu are complaining that they are finding it difficult to get crop loans and other services from co-operative societies or nationalised banks due to issues in registration of details in e-Adangal, a web-based registry of farmers' land details.

Adangal was introduced by the revenue department to keep a record of each wetland, dr Bengaluru: The drama in Karnataka politics is not set to end anytime soon. Unlike his previous term, the Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa now enjoys a different power game in the party. From portfolio alloc Andhra Pradesh Andhra curtails liquor shop timing, additional tax results in price hike AM, 2 October, 0.

Amaravati: In a first step towards total prohibition, the Andhra Pradesh government on Tuesday October 1 took over the retail liquor trade, curtailed the timings of liquor shops and imposed an additional tax on the Indian Made Foreign Liquor IMFL brands. Chennai: Amid a row over the National Register of Citizens in Assam, the police in Uttar Pradesh now have been asked to run a campaign to identify illegal Bangladeshi migrants and other foreigners residing in the state.

Delhi Kejriwal tells students to become dengue warriors, schools to distribute prevention k Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday October 1 encouraged school students to become 'dengue warriors' and spread awareness about a campaign run by the Delhi government to tackle the vector-borne disease in their neighbourhood.

Kejriwal took a 'dengue prevention class' class via video conferencing and asked the students to spread awareness Gandhi held discussions with Vijayan at Kerala House for abou Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday October 1 said 'water production' was back to normal in the city and the 'crisis' was over, a day after water supply to several areas of the national capital was hit due to spike in ammonia levels. Water supply to several areas of the national capital was affected on Monday September 30 after the Cha Rameswaram: More than 2, Tamil Nadu fishermen were allegedly attacked and chased away by the Sri Lankan Navy while they were fishing in Indian waters, a fishermen association leader said here.

With references to Tamil language and the Tamil culture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have struck a chord with the masses in the state. For, on his latest visit to Chennai on Monday for the Singapore-India Hackathon and the 56th convocation of IIT Madras, there were no protests or black flag demonstrations against him, something that had b Tamil Nadu Judge asks lawyers to recite Thirukkural daily, says all should know 51 at least PM, 30 September, 0.

Chennai: Any randomly-picked advocate at the Madurai bench of the Madras high court will hereafter have an additional, but small, task to do on a daily basis. After exhibiting their arguing skills inside the court hall, they would be required to recite a couplet from Thirukkural — a Tamil classic on life lessons written by Thiruvalluvar — when they go for l In the absence of clarity on what the government plans to do with the ambitious project, conceived by the previous Jammu: In a initiative to safeguard the security of the people and ensure accountability, CCTV cameras will be installed at police stations and posts in Jammu and Kashmir, a senior official said on Monday September The plea also challenged the legality of a panel that had recommended demolition of the complexes.

Andhra Pradesh AP govt appoints 1. Amaravati: Nearly, 1. This is claimed to be the first of its kind in the country in terms of numbers in a single recruitment drive, under a new governance initiative of Village and Ward Secretariats, being launched on October 2. The Shiv Sena has decided to field Aaditya Thackeray, the elder son of party chief Uddhav Thackeray, from the Worli segment in the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly elections.

He will be the first member of the Thackeray family to contest an election. The week-long protests came to an end after the state assembly amended the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The polling will be held on October The notification for the election will be issued on October 1 while October 9 will be the last date for filing of nominati News TN to get special courts for differently-abled, 3 yrs after law passed PM, 29 September, 0. Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government has ordered the setting up of special courts for differently-abled persons to fast track cases that are pending in other courts of the state.

Following the recently issued government order, the special public prosecutor human rights was given the additional charge of handling the cases pertaining to differently-abled The arrested biryani chain owner was identified as Akhtar Parvez, who runs the popular Arsalan biryani chain in the city. New Delhi: There are speculations that the BJP is likely to announce its first list of candidates for the Haryana assembly polls on Sunday September 29 since the party's central election committee is set to meet later in the day.

In line with the action plan submitted in the Supreme Court, the Kerala government on Sunday September 29 began the process of evicting the residents of Maradu flats, ahead of the demolition of the four illegal apartment complexes using controlled implosion technology. The move comes amidst a section of residents staging a hunger strike, sayin Kochi: Priests of the Orthodox faction on Sunday September 29 conducted holy mass at a church in nearby Piravom amid tight security as a nearly two-year old Supreme Court order in favour of them was finally implemented.

Kolkata: BJP working president JP Nadda on Saturday September 28 performed a mass tarpan for nearly 70 party workers who were killed in political violence in West Bengal in the last few years. Tarpan is a Hindu ritual performed on the day of Mahalaya, during which people offer prayers for their dead ancestors. The Delhi Police has filed a supplementary charge sheet before a city court against cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir and several others for alleged criminal breach of trust and cheating flat buyers.

Over 50 flat buyers have filed a complaint alleging that they booked flats in a real estate project in Ghaziabad's Indirapuram in but Uttarakhand 6 killed, 4 injured as boulders hit bus following landslide in Uttarakhand PM, 28 September, 0. Chennai: Six people were killed and four injured when a bus got hit by boulders following a landslide in Devprayag area of Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand on Saturday September 28 , State Disaster Response Force officials said, according to media reports.

Reading | Geetha ( film)

At a press conference, an emotional Ajit denied any rift within the Pawar family and said he re The Kerala government on Saturday September 28 said the eviction of residents of four illegal apartment complexes in Maradu near Kochi, would commence soon in accordance with a Supreme Court order. Chief Secretary Tom Jose said the government would take steps to demolish the apartment complexes built on the coastal zone of Kochi's Maradu as pe Srinagar: Kashmir continues to be under lockdown, as the shutdown in the Valley intensified with markets closed and public transport off the roads for the 55th consecutive day, officials said.

Security has been strengthened in other areas and barricades and razor wires were put in place, they added. While the officials remained tight-lipped, there were Roy had been asked to appear in the probe agency's office on Friday. But he did not go there citing "preoccupations" and sought more time.

The former railway minister was then asked to come on Saturday. An exchange of fire took place between the army and two suspected terrorists in a village in Ramban district along the Jammu-Kishtwar national highway on Saturday, following which a massive search operation was launched in the area. After a driver of a civilian vehicle informed the force about the presence of two suspicious individuals on the hi Forty-four people were killed in rain-related incidents in Uttar Pradesh in the past 24 hours, officials said on Friday as heavy rains continued in different parts of the state disrupting normal life.

Lucknow, Amethi, Hardoi and some others districts have announced closure of schools on Saturday due to the rains. A report from the Relief Comm The Election Commission on Friday September 27 announced that by-polls to the 15 Assembly seats in Karnataka will be held on December 5.

Filing of nominations can be done between November 11 and Those who have already filed between September 23 and 28 would also be taken up for scrutiny, the EC announced. Maharashtra Main runway at Mumbai airport to be shut for five months for renovation PM, 27 September, 0. During the shutdown, all operations of the airport will be shifted to its secondary runway. Hyderabad: The TRS government is facing flak for its inept handling of the healthcare system, in the wake of a spike in the number of dengue cases in Telangana.

With nearly 6, dengue cases reported since this January the municipal authorities too have come under criticism for being lax on vector control measures. Chennai: A protest staged by Hindu outfits at Dindigul in Tamil Nadu against Tamil movie 'Sultan', starring Karthi, has forced the producers to disclose that the film is not based on the life of 18th century Mysore king Tipu Sultan. Alleging that the movie was based on the life of Tipu Sultan, a group of men on Tuesday September 24 created a ruckus dur The facilities, to be set up in all the 33 districts of the state, will be in addition to the existing Foreigners' Tribunals FTs , according to an official release Kappen, leader of the Nationalis A total of 76 awards were given under various categories this year.

Andhra Pradesh bagged the Best State award for overall growth in tourism category. Hyderabad: An already demoralised Congress unit in Telangana is now caught in a fresh bout of infighting over the choice of candidate for the upcoming bypoll to Huzurnagar Assembly constituency. Kochi: High drama unfolded at a sixth century church on Thursday September 26 when police, to carry out a Supreme Court order, made a forcible entry into St. Mary Church at Piravom in Ernakulam district, and removed protesting priests of the Jacobean sect, who have been fighting with the rival Orthodox sect, over possession of the church.

The ad Chennai: The Madras high court on Thursday September 26 issued a notice to prison authorities on a petition filed by Robert Payas, a convict in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, seeking day parole to make arrangements for his son's marriage who is residing in Netherlands. The two leaders were accompanied to the Tihar Jail, where Shivakumar is lodged, by the party's state unit New Delhi: Islands like Andaman and Nicobar might not be inhabitable in a few years due to rise in sea level and increase in climatic events like cyclones, said one of the key authors of a global report on climate change on Wednesday September Kerala Kerala to submit action plan on Maradu flats demolition in apex court AM, 26 September, 0.

Days after the Supreme Court hauled up the Kerala administration for failing to comply with its order on demolishing the flats at Maradu in Kochi, the left front state government is scheduled to submit a day-long demolition plan at the Apex Court on Friday September As per the plan, the residents have time to move out of the apartments New Delhi: CBI searches are underway at the residence of former Bengaluru Police Commissioner Alok Kumar in connection with the alleged phone tapping of politicians and bureaucrats during the tenure of the Congress-JDS government, officials said on Thursday September Maharashtra 12 dead and 14, rescued after heavy rains flood Pune AM, 26 September, 0.

Nearly 10, people from several water-logged areas were shifted to safer places so far following heavy showers in the district on Wednesday, they said. Chief Minister Devendra Visakhapatnam: A year-old tribal man was allegedly beaten and burnt alive by a group of people suspecting him to be involved in witchcraft in a village in the district, police said. The assailants held Killo Jayaram, a farmer of Puttabandha village, responsible for the recent death of a girl and a year old girl falling sick.

Jayaram was mercilessly b Corruption comes in all shapes and sizes. Corrupt officials in Bihar will prove that to you, for they have gone beyond cash, apparently wary of another demonetisation, and are now known for taking goats, branded shoes and fish under the table, indicating how corruption in the state comes in various tastes. A viral audio clip of a police officer The course based on Hindu scriptures been added to the syllabus in third semester of the programme. The course, which will span over periods aims to teach stu This is the first meeting between the two chief ministers of the states in fifteen years.

The last time the two states discussed this mat Kannan, who also the former Rajya Sabha member, said his party would contest the bypoll that is slated for October 21 an KV Udit Surya had been in hiding for a week along with his parents. The incident came t Amaravati: The big ticket projects in Andhra Pradesh are caught in political crossfire.

The spree of policy reversals following the change of guard in the state has thrown a spanner in the works of several key projects covering power, irrigation and infrastructure sectors, thereby adversely affecting the investor confidence. The Jagan Mohan Reddy governmen Pune: Joining the global movement demanding climate justice started by Greta Thunberg, several protests and rallies have been observed in Pune since September India Greens Party kicked off climate action week in Pune with a protest on September 20, followed by a Fridays for Future march on Saturday September 21 , and another rally organised by lo Whether they like it or not, the Congress and the Janata Dal Secular in Karnataka have to combine for the forthcoming Assembly by-elections if they are serious about challenging the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party BJP in the state.

Kerala Tension at Kerala church after Orthodox priests prevented from taking possession PM, 25 September, 0. Kochi: Tension prevailed in Piravom in Ernakulam district on Wednesday September 25 as a large number of Jacobite faction priests and followers prevented those belonging to the Orthodox faction from entering a church here to take its possession as per a Supreme Court order. Hundreds of people belonging to the Jacobite faction are camping in the churc The Tamil Nadu government has urged the Centre to extend financial help for the establishment of a world-class museum at the Keeladi excavation site.

State minister for Tamil language and culture K Pandiarajan on Monday September 23 conveyed the same to Union minister of state for culture and tourism Prahlad Singh while attending an internatio Maharashtra year-old girl killed, 2 hurt in Mumbai building collapse PM, 24 September, 0. Mumbai: A year-old girl was killed and two others were injured after a five-storey residential building collapsed in suburban Khar on Tuesday afternoon, a fire brigade official said. Nearly two dozen residents of the ill-fated structure were rescued, he said. The incident took place around 2.

Hyderabad: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi TRS government is now set to distribute free sarees among women as gift for Bathukamma, a folk festival celebrated across the state coinciding with Dussehra festivities. Around one crore women are expected to receive the gift. While the candidates have only a week left for filing their nominations, the 17 rebel MLAs stare at an uncertain future as they were disqualified by previous Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh as per the anti-defection law, barring them from contesting any election till the term of the current Assembly ends.

Chennai: The crumbling state of the construction sector in Kerala after the unforgiving deluge that ravaged the state time and again has led to unemployment for several migrant labourers. Kolkata: Former Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar on Monday September 23 filed an anticipatory bail petition before the Calcutta High Court in the multi-crore Saradha chit-fund scam case, days after a district court rejected his plea.

The plea is likely to be moved by Kumar's lawyers before a division bench of the high court on Tuesday Septembe Even though the Uttar Pradesh government, given its high maternal and infant mortality rates, has strictly implemen Telangana Hyderabad woman dies after plaster from wall falls on her at Ameerpet Metro station AM, 23 September, 0. Hyderabad: A year-old woman died after a sharp-edged piece of plaster from a wall fell on her at Ameerpet metro station here on Sunday, officials said. The sharp edge of the piece fell on the woman's head from a height of The Haasan-led party, which its electoral debut in the Lok Sabha p She was recalling the horror that the prestigious institution witnessed on September 19 during the visit of the Union minister, who faced a strong opposition from a section of stude Though the saffron party may be on top of the scene in Haryana and Maharashtra, which are scheduled to go to polls on October 21, and may also win there, it has to put up a strong fight against the ruling Aam Aadmi Party AAP in Delhi.

Analysis Goa mining ban exposes the dark face that rulers are wary of AM, 22 September, 0. About one lakh people have reportedly lost their jobs due to cancellation of licenses of 88 iron ore mines by the Supreme Court in February Following clamour for a legislation to circumvent the SC order, the Centre had constituted a Group of Ministers to go into the issue, but are yet to come up with a solution.

Hebbalkar, a Lingayat from Belagavi, has a long association with Shivakumar. While the Income ta In two separate video messages, one in Telugu and another in Hi Her resignation has been accepted with effect from September 6, it said. She had resigned after the Supreme Court collegium declined her request for reconsideration of transfer to the Meghalaya High Court.

Justice V Kotha Chennai: After investigating the suicide case of Tiruchengode DSP R Vishnupriya for three years, the Central Bureau of Investigation CBI has reiterated its earlier conclusion that the police officer was not abetted to take her own life. The Jagan Mohan Reddy government may have grabbed media headlines over the past few weeks for its clampdown on the opposition leaders and reversing certain policy decisions of the previous TDP regime, but two of its key initiatives that were deliberately kept under the radar have far greater implications for the future of the state politics.

Tamil Nadu Keeladi excavations reveals sangam age to be much older than believed earlier PM, 20 September, 0. In a major revelation concerning the cultural historiography of Sangam age, it has been found that that the artefacts and cultural deposits, excavated from the Keeladi archaeological site in Sivaganga district, could be safely dated between 6th century BC and 1st century AD. This conclusion was arrived at after the six-carbon samples collected f Maharashtra Unknown odour reported from Mumbai suburbs, gas leakage suspected AM, 20 September, 0. Residents in the western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai have been reporting of an unknown odour since the late Thursday night September 19 , sparking rumours of a gas leakage at the Rashtriya Chemical Fertilisers plant in the Chembur suburb, officials said.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said late Thursday that the odour was reported fro Chennai: Bengalurueans now can do a bit more than just ranting about unclean streets. And recently, Tamil Nadu Once a publicity essential, banner culture has outlived its utility AM, 20 September, 0. The banner culture, which the authorities have yet again woken up to, following the death of Chennai-based techie Subhasri, who was run over by a lorry after falling off her bike when a banner erected by an AIADMK functionary fell on her, is an invasive visual tradition that has its roots in the cinema-political nexus in the state.

Perhaps the m Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the process of solving problems in Jammu and Kashmir has already begun with an aim to getting it rid of separatism and corruption, while addressing a public rally in Nashik on Thursday September Andhra Pradesh Tirumala temple board packed with industrialists, politicians PM, 19 September, 0.

Kerala Maradu residents live in fear as sword of demolition drive hangs PM, 19 September, 0.

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The former minister was remanded to judicial custody for 14 days till October 1. However, he was admitted to Kerala Kerala to be inculded in national industrial corridor PM, 19 September, 0. Thiruvananthapuram: In a big boost to Kerala, the Union Government has decided to extend the Chennai-Bengaluru industrial corridor to Coimbatore and then to Kochi. It had been Kerala's plea fo Their boats too were detained and further investigations are on.

Mumbai: All schools and junior colleges in Mumbai are shut after met department on Wednesday forecast "extremely heavy rainfall" over the next 48 hours in Mumbai and adjoining Raigad district. Subsequently, he borrowed from relativ Chennai: A year-old woman from Theni has approached the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court, seeking police protection against her parents who have allegedly threatened her of 'honour killing' after she told them that she had converted to Islam.

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The court while allowing her petition to be heard on September 13, ordered police protection for the wom The death toll in the tourist boat accident in the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh has risen to 38, with the recovery of 10 bodies on Wednesday September Eight more passengers of the ill-fated boat that capsized in the swollen river near Katchuluru in East Godavari district on Sunday are still missing. The overloaded private vessel, carry It will help in Chennai: In a strongly worded remark, the Supreme Court on September 17 disapproved of a Kerala High Court order that went against its judgement on the Malankara Church dispute in Kerala.

The Supreme Court has said that Kerala is a part of the Indian Territory and the Kerala High Court is bound to follow the law declared by the top court. In , the Taking cognizance of the allegations by three sisters in Assam of being stripped and beaten up by policemen at an outpost in Darrang district, the the National Commission for Women NCW on Wednesday September 18 sought stern action from Assam Police against officials involved in the act.

One of the women, who was pregnant has alleged of under West Bengal Mamata stresses on need for conservation of water resources AM, 18 September, 0. She highlighted a slew of projects which were undertaken by her government with an aim to strengthening irrigation facilities and providing relief to people during the perio Tamil Nadu Man dies after electricity pole falls on him; poor maintenance blamed PM, 17 September, 0. The driver Sethuraj had gone out to feed the stray dogs when the pole fell on him. He was rushed to a private hospital where he was declared brought dead.

He is survived by his wife and two children. Kerala Kerala all-party meet decides on legal recourse to halt Maradu flats demolition PM, 17 September, 0. Chennai: The all-party meeting headed by Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday September 17 decided on a slew of measures to avoid the demolition of the Maradu flats near Kochi. As part of its efforts, it was decided to send a three-member team consisting of K Gopalakrishna Bhat secretary, local self-government , Mohammed Sarifulla di Andhra Pradesh 17 more bodies found in Godavari, boat tragedy toll stands at 25 PM, 17 September, 0.

New Delhi: Three days ahead of the scheduled hanging of a death row convict for 'horribly' gang raping a minor girl and killing her along with her brother in Coimbatore in , the Supreme Court on Tuesday September 17 stayed his execution till October The court posted the hearing on his bail peal to Wednesday September Enforcement Directorate ED on September 3 arrested the Congress leader in an alleged money laundering case. In a similar pattern, after the expiry of A patron of Kerala Maradu flat demolition order in Kerala leaves residents in the lurch PM, 16 September, 0.

Chennai: Actor-turned politician Kamal Haasan on Monday September 16 raised his voice and opposed to any attempts to "impose" Hindi saying it was a promise made to the country decades back which "no Shah, Sultan or Samrat must renege on. Ahmedabad: To stink is not just good but great, that is, if you are in Gujarat's Surat, where two residents are organising a fart competition, apparently India's first fart competition.

Unthinkable it may be, but the "longest", "loudest" and "most musical" farts will win trophies on September 22, said organiser Yatin Sangoi, who is also a singer and makes Chennai: Two people, including renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ketan Shripad Khurjekar were killed after a private luxury bus rammed into their stationary car along the Pune-Mumbai Expressway on Sunday September 15 night. Dr Khurjekar and driver, Dnyaneshwar Bhosale, who also died in the accident, is reported to be in his mid-thirties. The mishap to Srinagar: Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah has now been detained under the stringent Public Safety Act PSA , which enables authorities to detain any individual for two years without a trial, sources said on Monday September The year-old patron of the National Conference has been under house arrest since August 5 when the C While his close aides said he had administered himself some injections on Sunday night leading to a heart attack, the police are yet to confirm it as a suicide.

Rao, a six-time legislator who My husband and my daughter fell into the river and were swept away in the swirling waters before my own eyes. Minutes before the overloaded private tourist boat, packed with holiday revellers, turned turtle and capsized in the Godava Chennai: While Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis expressed confidence that the BJP will come back to power in the state, its all-weather ally Shiv Sena reviewed its poll preparedness amid speculations that the BJP might not agree to the seat-sharing formula proposed by it.

Andhra Pradesh 12 drown in Godavari as tourist boat with no life jacket, permit capsizes PM, 15 September, 0. The boat, Royal Vashishta, was overloaded with over 70 people, including the crew, on board even though the maximum carrying capacity of the boat was Most of them were tourists travelling to Papikondalu, a famous tourist spot near Rajahmundry. While 23 people have been rescued so far, a search operation is underway for the rest. Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government on Sunday September 15 called for an all-party meeting on September 17 to discuss the plight of owners of around flats in Maradu in Kochi, facing demolition for violating Coastal Regulation Zone CRZ norms.

The meeting will be held here on Tuesday at 3. The 1, o Koraput: A task force has been constituted in Odisha's Koraput district to check the practice of child marriage, common among the tribal communities in the region, a senior official said. Against a state average of Child marriage Congress leader DK Shivakumar, who was arrested on September 3 in an alleged money laundering case, suffered yet another setback on Friday September 13 as a Delhi court extended his Enforcement Directorate ED custody till September A prominent victim to the devastating rains in Kerala, which killed more than people besides rendering two lakh people homeless, is a year-old Synagogue that got reduced to a rubble.

Following heavy rains, a portion of Kadavumbhagam synagogue at Mattancherry in Kochi- a remnant of Jewish history- collapsed on Tuesday September 10 morni Chennai: In sharp contrast to the news of economic slowdown all over, the state of Kerala has hit the headlines with its new record in liquor and dairy sales. Telangana Protests against uranium exploration in Amrabad forest gains momentum PM, 14 September, 0. Chennai: A day after a year-old Subhasri Ravi was run over by a water tanker after a hoarding erected by the AIADMK crashed on her, the Madras High Court on Friday came down heavily on the state government, observing that the court has lost faith in the government.

Delhi Odd-even vehicle rationing scheme back in Delhi to tackle air pollution PM, 13 September, 0. Chennai: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday September 13 announced that the odd-even scheme to ration vehicles will be implemented in Delhi after Diwali, from November 4 to November 15, to reduce air pollution.

The odd-even scheme was introduced in Delhi in It was enforced twice when vehicles having odd and even number plates were all The results are expected to be out by Friday afternoon. Around 1. The voter turnout was recorded Bureaucrat-turned-politician Shah Faesal on Thursday withdrew the habeas corpus plea from the Delhi high court, challenging his detention.

Chennai: A major portion of an ancient and non-operational synagogue of the black Jews in Kochi has collapsed due to heavy rains on Tuesday September New Delhi: The BJP has offered seats to its main alliance partner Shiv Sena for the next month's Maharashtra Assembly polls, but the latter is not likely to accept less than seats, a source said on Thursday. The seat-sharing talks between the two parties are likely to conclude in a day or two, a BJP source said here. The Assembly has a total of The Supreme Court collegium has warned that it would have no hesitation in disclosing the reasons for the transfer of Vijaya K Tahilramani, who resigned as Chief Justice of the Madras High Court as she was transferred to Meghalaya High Court.

In a statement released by the collegium's secretary general Sanjeev S Kalgaonkar on Thursday September Nalini filed the petition In Bihar and Jharkhand, rats don't just eat crumbs. They bring down crores-worth projects, sip on lakhs of seized liquor bottles and cause "disasters", destroying large tracts of farms and leaving common people helpless. Well, that is what officials in the two states would want everyone to believe, especially every time a graft comes to light an Palanaiswami said he was inspired by the way how water re In terms of its ruthlessness, the revenge politics in Andhra Pradesh is beginning to resemble the rivalry of the Dravidian parties of the neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

Protests organised by Vokkaliga community members and Congress party choked Bengaluru roads on Wednesday. ED took his c When the appointment of Tamilisai Soundararajan as Governor of Telangana was announced last week, it was seen as a politically-loaded move by the BJP to put the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his government under watch.

Mumbai: The Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party NCP will fight about seats each and leave 41 constituencies for smaller allies in the upcoming state polls, former Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan said on Tuesday. The economic slowdown has forced Telangana to cut its budget by nearly 20 per cent from what was projected in the vote-on-account budget in February. Thiruvananthapuram: A security alert not withstanding, it is Onam time again and Keralites are getting ready to celebrate the biggest festival of the state putting behind the havoc wrought by two consecutive floods.

As Kerala gets into the festive mood, police are maintaining tight vigil with the army receiving information that there may be a terror attack in south The economic slowdown that has slumped demand and production in many sectors, leading to job cuts, has severely affected the livelihood of lakhs of workers in Bihar. A one-year-old toddler had a miraculous escape as she accidentally fell off a moving jeep on a road inside a dense forest here and crawled to a nearby check-post in Rajamala in Kerala's Idukki district, police said on Monday September 9.

The girl child, sitting on her mother's lap, fell off the vehicle on Sunday night September 8 after her p Restrictions were lifted from most areas of Kashmir, except some parts of Srinagar, on Monday September 9 even as the stalemate in the Valley following abrogation of Article entered its 36th day with schools closed and public transport off the roads, officials said. The restrictions have been lifted from most areas of the valley, but conti Twenty-three-year-old Anupriya Lakra's dream of becoming a pilot has become a reality, seven years after she quit engineering studies midway and joined an aviation academy here in The woman from t A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting convened by state Minister for Dairy Development K Raju.

From a reticent businessman, working under the shadow of his illustrious father and former Congress chief minister of the combined Andhra Pradesh YS Rajasekhar Reddy, to a mass leader in his own right, the political journey of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been as tumultuous as it is controversial. The roller coaster ride, over a span of ten years, h Haryana Development, trust, big changes: Modi on first days of 2nd term PM, 8 September, 0. Rohtak: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday September 8 said that the first days of the NDA government's second term has been of "development, trust and big changes" in the country.

Srinagar: Curfew-like restrictions were reimposed on Tuesday September 10 in several parts of Kashmir, including the city, to foil any plans on taking out Muharram processions in the Valley as authorities apprehended that large congregations might lead to violence.