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Hindu Name Calculator | Baby Name Finder | Baby Name Initails as per Nakshatra

Hindu Name Calculator. Naming your child based on Swar Siddhanta can give positive results in the growth and development of the child. The most common practice to name a child is based on the quarter of the constellation Nakshatra occupied by the radical Moon i.

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Presenting The Astrological 'Secrets' About Childbirth

Since years astrology has been in belief for individuals, the faith and trust showing towards the astrology has proved to bring up a better future for themselves and their family. Knowing the basic advantages and disadvantages of your future can help you to make better decisions which will uplift your life with progress and prosperity. Every individual does not have the same fortune; few can get success easily while few have to cross various ups and downs, obstacles which may sometime lead to disheartening future.

Are you expecting a baby and worried about the best time of your childbirth?

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Consult the astrology experts who can provide you with the right period and time of your childbirth. What can the horoscope calculation astrology do? Astrology calculation can help in children better health, education and career, so the good day for baby birth is calculated by the experts determining about the right placement of the stars, houses and the positive vibes evolved by the planets on the houses.

Read: Will I get a Government Job. Baby birth is one of the most auspicious moments to every family and parents; it becomes a huge responsibility to bring up their child with success and care.

The influences of the planets on the houses are very required to be kept in mind at the time for the baby birth, so it becomes necessary to give birth at the right time, month and date. The stars and moon which influences the houses and the planets those are very important for the progress of the child.

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Childbirth is considered to be best when the horoscope prediction is in favor of the birth date and time. In order to find the best nakshatra to be born the best astrologer should be consulted that can enable you to suggest the right time and date which will provide a healthy baby with bright future by the influence of the nakshatra calculative horoscope.

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  8. Read: Career Report with Remedies. Baby horoscope is required at the beginning in order to find out the best things for your child.

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    It is the first of the sixteen Vedic Samskaras and is meant to be performed by man and woman at an auspicious time and date for the sake of begetting the desired child. Suyanarain Rao in his commentary on Chapter IV of Brihat Jataka explains that the health of women, and thus the health of the community, depends upon the auspicious planetary influences exerted during the act of sexual union; every male or female must come through a female, and therefore, woman occupies the highest rank in the order of creative agencies. The act of sexual union resembles the nature of the 7th house from the sign rising at the time of union or query; if evil planets occupy or aspect the 7th, then the act will be conducted in a quarrelling mood, but when benefics aspect or join the 7th the union takes place under very pleasant circumstances.

    A woman becomes capable of bearing a child after appearance of the first of the menses recurring in a cycle found to be governed by the Moon and Mars. When the Moon is in an anupchayasthana i. If the Sun , the Moon, Venus and Mars occupy their own navamsas and Jupiter is in the lagna-kendra or in a trikonasthana , conception takes place. Either Mercury or Saturn occupying the 7th makes a woman barren or who marries a person who is impotent, or is herself diseased.

    Kids Zodiac, Baby Astrology | New Born Baby Horoscope

    If the Moon aspected by Jupiter is in an upachayasthana from the Janam-rasi of man or if a friendly benefic or Venus aspects, he can get a woman become pregnant. A woman can conceive three days after the appearance of menses till the 16th day.

    If the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Venus are in their own navamsas and Jupiter aspects the Lagna know that pregnancy has occurred provided the moment of conception is afflicted by adverse Tithi, Gandanta etc; or by the Moon occupying an unfavourable nakshatra , or the lagna rising at that moment is not afflicted by malefics and ill-placed benefics. As per Paraasara samhitha written by paraashara rishi learn from sathguru. Take this as information only ,if the woman conceives -.